What does our website offer registered  members?

All our website services are free of charge. The registration process is simple. All you need is an e-mail account or a mobile phone number. No credit card is required as we do not intend to charge for these services now or in the near future,


How to post your ad:

  1. Press the SELLER icon (button) on the home page.
  2. Select your category and sub category.
  3. Press the "POST YOURE AD" icon /button.
  4. Fill in all the information requested and upload the equipment pictures.
  5. To complete the uploading of your ad you will need to be registered.


Selecting advertisements – How it works:

When going over ads in order to find the equipment you are looking to purchase not all the ads will be of interest to you.  We offer you the possibility to select the ads which interest you, so that you can review them when it is convenient.


How to select the ads which you want to reread later:

  1. Register at bestmachine.online ( free of charge )
  2. Login to your username
  3. Browse through the ads and when you see an ad that interests you simply press the "MARK AD" icon/button.
  4. Go to "your account" and enter the "MARKED ADS"  section
  5. All the ads you marked will now appear in this section.  


Comparing Advertisements - How It Works:

To make your task of finding the right equipment even easier we enable you to compare up to five ads allowing you to select easily between them.

How to compare ads:

  1. Login to your username  / Register to bestmachine.online ( free of charge )
  2. select the ads that interest you and mark them by pressing the "MARK AD" icon /button   
  3. Go to "your account" and enter the "MARKED ADS"  section
  4. Mark the ads you are interested in comparing by standing on them .
  5. Press the "MARK YOUR ADS & COMPARE" icon /button   


Best machine online smart agent

Best machine smart agent is an automated service free of charge that enables you to receive all new relevant ads on  our website directly to your e-mail. All you have to do to register for this service is to set your profile as requested and all new relevant ads will be forward to you.

How to use this service:

  1. Register to bestmachine.online ( free of charge )
  2. Login to your user
  3. Go to your account and enter the smart agent section
  4. Choose the relevant parameters you are seeking whether a brand or combination of category, brand , price , mileage etc. .
  5. Get e-mails from us every time a new ad that complies with the parameters you set is received by us.


Why should I register at the bestmachine.online website ?


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