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Post your ad free of charge and we will do our best that your add will be seen by as many potential customers as possible in the Arab world. We have a team motivated experts to ensure that our website will be advanced in the search engines in the Arab world so when potential customers will search second hand equipment we will be one of their top options. In addition this team are conducting telemarketing in order to map potential customers and we do our best in order to make them join our subscribe service in which we actively inform them on new equipment posted in our website.

the Arabic market

When working with the Arab world you have to understand the difference in the mentality of the customers and how business is conducted in this part of the world. The majority of the medium and small buyers cannot travel overseas since they cannot acquire a VISA, most of the business is conducted in cash or locally without the ability to conduct bank transfer. Most customers like to see and literally touch the equipment before the buy it so they prefer to buy from local dealers. This is the reason that most import deals are made by big dealers that then ether sell it to a smaller dealer or put it in their yard and sell it, By publishing your adds in our website our aim is to connect you with the final or small dealers and offer you solutions for the obstacles that will appear so you could enlarge the range of potential customers and on the way maximise your profit by eliminating the middle man without putting you in unnecessary risk.

You got a call or an e-mail from a potential customer from the Arab world but you have obstacles that prevent you of going forward with the sale, communication (Language) problems, use to sell only in your domestic market and do not know how to handle the shipment and customs. You would like to make sure you will receive your payment but the customer would like to touch the machine before he transfers the payments our personal assistant has all the solution to all of your problems.

Language and communication problems

You can contact us and one of our personal assistants that is English and Arabic speaker will help you communicate to advance the deal.


The customer insists that the deal will include the shipment to his country but you do no know how to handle the shipment and the export and import processes in order to deliver the goods - our personal assistant will do all the arrangements and offer a competitive quote.

Cash Payment

The majority of the small and medium business in the Arab world work with cash only. But the harsh Prohibition of Money Laundering regulation prevents you of doing business with them although they are normative businesses. We as a Jordanian company working under the Jordanian law can act in your behalf. The funds can be deposited in our Jordanian bank that has branches in a few Arab countries in our region and we can conduct the payment in their behalf before the equipment leaves your yard.

A guarantee safe sale

The customer would like to receive his equipment before conducting to full payment - we offer a service in which we conduct the full payment and the customer and we finalise all the terms with the buyer so he can come to our premises in the free zone in Jorden see the equipment and after he settlements the paymant then he can collect his equipment.


Working With
Domestic Market

Work only with your domestic market. Do not know how to export / not interested in exporting overseas. We can offer you a solution that guarantee you the full payment with no risk on you behalf, we can handle all the export procedures and provide you the logistics required with a competitive price that will not Jeopardies the deal. So on your side it is as if you sold the equipment to a local customer. Just contact us and we will with more information.


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